Fjords for sale...

All of our horses are athletic, with spectacular movement.  We're proud that our offspring do extremely well in Dressage, excel in Jumping, and they all have a LOVELY temperament! 


Blue Raven Farm is determined to preserve this unique breed with the best that we have and can offer you.


So if you're interested in a Blue Raven Fjord Horse,please contact us by phone at 1-902-369-2940 (h), 1-902-799-0719 or by email.  Please note all prices are in U.S. dollars.

Orka's Omen - SORRY SOLD                         $9800 USD

DOB May 12, 2010  Orka/Katrinedals Vanessa


A gorgeous gelding combining the best traits of both parents.

Orka's Omen is tall and handsome; he reaches approximately 15 hands.

He also has a wonderful temperament.


Dressage, Dressage, Dressage! 

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La Fina - SORRY SOLD!                                $9800 USD

DOB May 28, 2010 Orka/Luna                                


Very feminine filly with outstanding markings and beautiful gaits.

La Fina has Myrstein in her pedigree.

Also definitely a Dressage prospect and perfect to breed the best foals with a good stallion.

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Oberon - SORRY SOLD!                                  $9700 USD

DOB June 20, 2010 Orka/Maite      


His trot is a 'must see' as well as his big bright eyes.

Dressage as well as Jumping is in his breeding line. His full brother Ooruk is doing Dressage successfully, and his full sister Miramichi is great in Jumping & Dressage.

Oberon's other full bother Octane, owned by Wendy Luscombe, earned the 2014 Award of Excellence in Dressage.  Octane's nickname is 'Rocket Fjord' due to his impressive acceleration abilities.

Oberon is a very lovable Fjord.

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Ocean                                                                $9500 USD

DOB June 12, 2011 Orka/Lilli


Ocean has the pretty appeal of his mom, Orka's most beloved mare (he has good taste), and her elegant movement too.

Ocean's siblings are red/dun (Lola, Oreo, Osten); he is a brown/dun with darker markings and for sure talented to fulfill all expectations of his owner.

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Maureen                                                            $9500 USD

DOB June 12, 2011 Orka/Maite                                          


Maureen and Ocean were born just a few hours apart from each other, and have been best friends ever since. 


Maureen's siblings are Ooruk, Miramichi, and Octane (the 'Rocket Fjord')


Dressage and Jumping!

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Blue Raven Fjord Horses have a high value.  

BRF imported their breeding stock from Europe (Germany) in 1999. The immense costs to import a European herd, along with significant bureaucratic work and costly quarantine requirements is only justifiable when the horses are outstanding.

Blue Raven Farm imported only top-of-the-line mares and an extraordinary stallion when they immigrated to Nova Scotia.

Pedigrees of BRF horses show that they descend in male or female lines from the most important bloodlines of the Modern Fjord Horse (spring issue Fjord Herald 2000).

The herd includes offspring of: Torbjorn 1417, Gloppang 894, Ola Gik 1703, Valebu 1569, Rei Halsneas D462 NJ833, Grabb 1651, Dyre 1059, Safir 1717 and Jarmann 1788.

The stallion Njal 166 the “Founding Father” of the modern Fjord Horse shows his “Njal Mark” – a brown spot - on the faces of most of the Blue Raven horses.

What else?

Blue Raven foals are born in a herd and remain together with the mares and the stallion - and with their buddies. With all the freedom we provide, they get handled well (calm, friendly but firm) from the very beginning. The coming yearlings stand tied, pick up their feet politely, lead and go on the trailer. They are very confident, don't kick or bite and do all that you can expect from such youngsters.  Because we take them for field trips along the rocky Bay of Fundy, they become confident and very 'shore-footed'!

Some North American Breeders go over to Europe to buy and import one or more foals or a stallion. Why not have a look domestically? Blue Raven Farm has already done the import work for you!