Life on the Farm...

The forces of nature, wind and wave make a beautiful background for the residents at Blue Raven Farm.  Visitors will be struck by the wild beauty here on Nova Scotia's Glooscap trail, along the Bay of Fundy, home of the world's highest recorded tides. 


The rolling hills of of the area seem gentle enough but minutes away one can see the rugged shoreline of rocky beaches and jutting headlands.  Once every day and once every night the tide advances or retreats, both revealing and concealing the marks of billions of years of evolution and erosion.


This is the landscape Norwegian Fjord Horses were originally bred for, and they are especially well adapted for handling the wet rocky terrain with confidence.

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Ancient horses in an ancient land...

When we exercise the Fjords on the sea shore, we are struck by the way they are adapted for just such terrain, so similar to their native Norway.  It's hard to tell from photos just where in the world they are, these unique horses with their distinctive appearance.

Fjords are especially sure-footed horses, whether mucking along on a shale-y shore, rambling over pastures or performing in the show ring...

We have wonderful accommodations nearby and if you are interested in actually buying a Fjord for your very own, we can offer you a stay on our farm for a few days.  Enjoy a walk to the shore with the horses and bird watching, all while you observe the life and care of the Fjords.  To observe the giant tide come in and go out you should consider an overnight or longer stay, otherwise you never would know what you missed.

Blue Raven Farm Fjord Horses 'Where Fjords meet the sea...'

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