Breeding the best...

In 1999 we imported our breeding stock from Europe (Germany) to Canada. Of course we looked for top-of-the-line mares and an extraordinary stallion. The pedigree of our horses shows that they descend in male or female line from the most important bloodlines of the Modern Fjord Horse (Spring issue Fjord Herald 2000 / Fjordhesten by A.M. Bakken, Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 1986).

You will find: Torbjorn 1417, Gloppang 894, Ola Gik 1703, Grabb 1651, Dyre 1059, Safir 1717, Jaermann 1788 and Valebu 1569; father to Reidulf 1664, father to the marvelous dressage horse Rei Halsnaes 1883.
To date, more than 30 offspring show that there is the best of the best in our horses. The stallion Njal 166, the Founding Father of the modern Fjord Horse, shows his "Njal-Mark" - a brown dot - on the faces of most of our horses.

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Orka the Blue Raven Stallion (RETIRED - 2019)


Until a few years ago, Orka was our herd stallion and all of the horses we have for sale at the moment are his offspring. He is a son of Ohlson out of Larissa (a daughter of the famous Heino who has been extremely influential in the breed) and St.Pr.St. Juliane, descendants of  Dyre, Gloppang.


Orka as well as his own sire Ohlson are phenomenal movers and they pass it to their offspring.

This stallion is very athletic, has spectacular movement, a lovely temperament and is well handled and well behaved.

Starting in 2019, Orka's son Orka's Spirit became our new herd stallion, and we are now breeding from him.  Spirit is now a two-year old, has a beautiful red dun colour (looking like a Palomino), but with some clearly marked 'zebra stripes' on his legs. He now has two mares of his very own!

Here's a video of Spirit running around showing off, and photos of him you can click on to magnify his features...

tiger stripes.jpg.JPG
stallion spirit_edited.jpg

Historic Bloodlines


Our horses are bred from the best examples of fjords in history.  For an overview of stallions which are related to our horses, please click on the mage at left to see a high-resolution, full view of the image. Every stallion in direct line is highlighted by red print. 

To see an image with most of the "historic" stallions in our bloodlines, please click the image at right for a full view. The horses shown are Njal 166, Torbjorn 1417, Gloppang 894, Grabb 1651, Dyre 1059, Jaermann 1788 and Valebu 1569.

Historic Stallions

Our Mares - Just as much as the stallion, mares contribute to the make-up of a foal; our mares are caring mothers who have born wonderful offspring over the years and have truly helped to create our Blue Raven 'Fjord Family'. Click on the photos to see close-up 'portraits' and bloodlines for each of our ladies...


Sire Elitestallion Kvest Halsneas the All-Over Champion in Germany in 1999. Rei Halsnaes > Valebu > Grabb


Sire Jon Halsnaes son of Rei Halsnaes one of the most famous dressage horses. Joram, son of Jon Halsnaes ex Larissa was lent to Scotland to improve the Fjord breed over there. Look into the Fjord Herald Issue Winter 2000.) Rei Halsnaes > Valebu > Dyre > Grabb > Torbjorn > Heino


Sire Elitestallion Kvest Halsneas > Rei Halsnaes > Reidulf > Valebu > Grabb


Sire Merkur famous breeding stallion in Germany. Ola Gig > Grabb > Jaermann > Kvest Halsnaes > Rei Halsnaes > Valebu