Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Sunset over the Bay of Fundy...

Fjord Horses on the Bay of Fundy
Fjord Horses on the Bay of Fundy

Ancient horses in an ancient landscape...

Fjord Horses in Nova Scotia winter
Fjord Horses in Nova Scotia winter

Fjords love winter!

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia
Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

Sunset over the Bay of Fundy...

Fjord Horse stallion
Our Bloodlines...


Our horses are bred from the best examples of fjords in history.  This quality shows in intelligence and temperament of our Fjord foals.

Blue Raven Farm shoreline
Farm Life...


This special location makes a definite difference in the hardiness & 'shore footedness' of Blue Raven horses. 

Blue Raven Fjord Horse
For Sale...


All of our horses are athletic, with spectacular movement.  We're proud that our offspring do extremely well in Dressage, excel in Jumping, and they all have a LOVELY temperament! 

day old superman.jpg

Birth Announcement - March 31, 2020 - A spectacular new foal has recently arrived, Blue Raven's Superman, son of our new herd stud, Orka's Spirit.  He is a Red Dun, but his soft fluffy coat is mostly white with flashy red dorsal markings, and his irresistible eye is grey-blue (for the moment).


His dam is our Lilli, a Brown Dun, while his sire Spirit is a Cream Diluted Red Dun (resembling palomino colouring).


This newcomer is now our official Farm 'Spokesfoal'

and will be learning about life & love at Blue Raven

Farm as spring advances; we'll be posting the

stories of his wide-eyed adventures as time goes by. 

He is just one day old in this photo, but already

perky and ready for trouble! Like our new Facebook

Page to see his adventures...

ss fb page.jpg

Superman Speaks - May 9, 2020 - 'this is me at only one day old (above) - I was born March 31st, so I'm no April Fool, I'm smart. soooo smart. They tell me my Auntie Maxi is about to give birth, MAYBE to a filly. But I want a baby brother to play with and boss around - girls are no good! and no way would a girl be prettier than me either. Here are some more 'glam shots' of me below...'

Birth Announcement -  May 11, 2020 - Superman Speaks - 'Oh poo, my silly Auntie Maxi had a filly last night! And I wanted a baby brother to play & run with. This little Maisie mooch is sooo focused on food - typical!  She'll never be as fast as I am either!' 

superman coy
superman tail
superman mane
superman eye

Maisie - 'Hey, a girl's gotta eat! You should talk piggie!'

Superman - 'Well I gotta keep up my strength - 'cos I'm faster than a bolt of lightning!  You're nowhere near as fast as Super-Me!"

Maisie - 'am too, am too! See? so there!'

Blue Raven Farm, Nova Scotia

Welcome/Willkommen!  We want to welcome you and introduce ourselves.  We appreciate your interest in our Fjords and us.  We invite you to take a virtual visit on our farm.  We hope you enjoy these pages with a great impression of nature and, of course, the Fjords! - Owner/Operator Inge Burr

About Blue Raven Farm - 

Blue Raven Farm is nestled in a beautiful valley with rolling hills and pastures overlooking the ever-changing moods and dramatic tides of the world-famous Bay of Fundy. 

Moving from Germany in 1999, Inge started breeding Norwegian Fjord Horses in Nova Scotia. 

Where the Fjord Horses live - Nova Scotia is one of Maritime Provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) and is well known for it's beautiful "Indian Summer", the Cabot Trail, lobsters, scallops, cold water shrimp and so on.

The very end of the Bay of Fundy, the Minas Basin, has the world's highest recorded tides. The tidal measuring point is just five minutes by car far from our farm and we live with the constant in-coming and out-going of the tide. 

fjords by the bay.jpg
Blue Raven Fjord Horse and foal

We have beautiful walks or rides on the shore by the sea, but have to take care when the tide is coming in. The level of the rising water is normally between 12 – 16 metres and even higher in stormy weather. Just imagine this!!!  Nova Scotia is a world renowned tourist destination, and our area in particular makes a wonderful vacation spot.  

All our horses from the very beginning are respectful and confident and feel comfortable with humans, and so they will do what you ask for.   Learn more about our 'Fjord Fjhilosophy'

Fjord Horses are the most smart, calm and human kindly horses we have discovered.  They are also the most willing and working horses but they will ask you "why". Just explain and they will do it all for you!

We are a breeding facility, and our kids are allowed to play in the mud!
pic 3.jpg
Blue Raven Fjord foal